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Cooling solution

● We are supplier of reliable, high energy-efficient climate control solutions with precise thermal and humidity control for enclosure in telecommunication, IT industry and automation applications, The products are specifically designed for cooling electronic temperature sensitive equipment in challenging environmental conditions.

● We can not change the weather, but when it comes to controlling the temperature and relative humidity, under the most extreme conditions.

● Heat could affect or damage the electronic inside cabinet. Some of this heat is dissipated through the free cooling unit or free cooling box. This could be accomplished with a combination of fans, filters and controller. This type thermal management solution may be used at the installation site is relatively clean and low temperature. it can not assure the IP55 or higher request to the cabinet. And the filter need more maintenance to avoid dusty blocking.

● When the electronics inside cabinet need to be protected from contaminating elements, recommended solution is to use a closed-loop cooling system like air to air heat exchanger, or panel type DC or AC air conditioner. This is usually used in harsh environments such as telecom outdoor cabinet, telecom BTS, substations and/or where temperature and humidity levels inside the enclosure are critical. 

 Cabinet Cooling Solution

● Products range for enclosures:

a. Passive Cooling:  air to air heat exchanger (HEX)

b. Active Cooling:   DC air conditioner (DC aircon)

c. Active cooling:   AC air conditioner (AC aircon)

● Products range for data center and module rack server

d. Single rack air conditioner

e. Module rack air conditioner split unit

f. Module rack air conditioner compact unit

Cabinet Cooling Solution