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Various reagent tray cooling

Medical equipment cooling

Laboratory equipment cooling

Industry Application:Medical  Laboratory


Product Introduction

Precision Temperature Control for Medical Equipment

Technique Feature

Compared with the traditional Peltier (semiconductor) cooling method, it has the following unique advantages: 

1.Compressor active cooling: can fast cool to the required temperature of the medical utensil, the cooling speed is several times than ordinary Peltier (semiconductor) cooling method.

2.Built-in cooling liquid delivery pump, can delivery refrigerant to any demanded cooling unit without any resrictions, realize centralized liquid supply and multi-point cooling.

3.The temperature of cooling liquid can be adjusted with high precision, the adjustment range is 2~10℃ and temperature control accuracy is ±1.0℃. It ensures the medical utensil is uniformly and quickly cooled and avoids the influence of hot spots on reagents and ensures the safety of reagents.

4.It has the traditional advantages of compressor cooling: large cooling capacity, no attenuation of cooling capacity, low noise and operating cost is only one third of Peltier (semiconductor) cooling. 

5.Smart function: built-in expansion tank, built-in exhaust valve, simplified filling process and intelligence remind of filling 

6.Environmental friendly refrigerant,suitable for severe working conditions such as high temperature, suitable for hospitals in remote rural areas 

With 485 communication interface, can be set remotely, multiple protection, alarm output functions and etc..

Technical parameters

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