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The DBS expert team focus on providing professional as well as high quality solutions and products for customers within various industrial fields,The main business scope covers:The DBS cooling division provides customizable professional cooling and heat dissipation solutions for electronic equipment in severe working environments such as extreme heat and cold conditions, strong corrosion, intense sand and dust conditions,Typical industries include:

1、Telecommunication where efficient heat dissipation of indoor/outdoor 3G/4G/5G wireless communication equipment is needed

2、ICT Cooling for data center server environment as well as transmission equipment

3、Industrial and Power sensitive equipment

4、Energy storage and Battery Backup power equipment

5、Medical Industry where precision temperature control of medical equipment is essential

6、Ultra-precision temperature control within the semiconductor manufacturing industry

Other business scope:The DBS motor division focuses on customized research and development of high-efficiency permanent magnet motors, high-speed motors, and motor parts with electronic commutation control, which are used in logistics, transportation, automatic storage, and industrial transmission control. The energy efficiency index meets IE5 to meet the ErP 2020 specifications.

The DBS Turbine Power division is committed to providing high-speed, miniaturized centrifugal oil-free power equipment, such as air and hydrogen compression pumps in the fuel cell industry.

Driven by innovation, DBS is committed to solving extremely challenging technical problems in the industrial field, promoting sustainable, high-efficiency, green, energy-saving, and high-quality development through technological innovation, and contributing to the advancement of industrial civilization in the entire society.

Our Vision

Provide industrial electronic equipment with more efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly leading products in order to enhance the development of civilized and high quality manufacturing in China.

Core Values

Pursuit:innovation refined production, leading technologies, rooted in quality orientation, your trustable global business partner

Value:Customers are at the top of the value chain, with dedicated employees and cooperation partners supporting, and investors backing up.

Culture:Honesty (honesty builds trust), Persistent (dedicated work creates a better life), Love (great love within heart), Seriousness (no shortcuts, high quality craftsmanship bear in mind)

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