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Cooling Accessories

General information

● For outdoor cabinet and automation control boxes, the most important issue is not only temperature control, and also humidity control

●  In winter season, the electronic components will work in low temperature condition, which will cause the life time and function for the device. It is necessary to start the heating to keep the suitable temperature for electronic device running properly.

● In raining season, the moisture inside cabinet or enclosure will make risk for electrical device for corrosion or electrical circuit shortcut. Dehumidifier will give the support to exhaust the condensate.  


Product features:

Smart heater for cabinet and enclosure

● Compact design, standard DIN 35mm rail installation with smallest dimension

●  PTC element is insulated, which has higher safety and reliable level

● Larger circulating air flow, enable hot air supply temperature lower

● The shell is PPS material, which has the characteristics of flame retardant, high temperature resistance


Condensate evaporating unit

● Water condensate by air conditioner in many case brought a lot problem for industry application, sometime it is hard to handle. While this unique device will convert the liquid into gas to the ambient instead of workshop floor

● Widely used to take over the discharge of condensate scene, through the direct evaporation of condensed water emissions in to the atmosphere

●  Intelligent water level control

● Easy installation and maintenance 


Smart dehumidifier for cabinet

● Dew point dehumidification, capture water outside the cabinet

● Visual interface, which can display temperature and humidity value

● Smart humidity control, can set required humidity range

● Guide rail style installation

● Optional smart heating function