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Data Center Cooling Solution

General information for module rack system

 Data Center Cooling Solution

Product features:

● Compact design model got just one unit, can be well built into rack or put aside of rack

●  Split design model got indoor and outdoor unit

a. Outdoor unit is exactly same as home appliance product

b. Indoor unit got three types: on-wall type & in-row type & in-rack type

c. On-wall type mostly be used for BTS or room climate control

d. In-row & in-rack type mostly be used for small scale ICT rack or server rack cooling

●  Flexible power supply by DC or AC power source. For Hybrid application, a 48VDC battery bank source, with wide voltage input range from 40-40 VDC, is perfect mate for off grid application

● Lowest power consumption with EER up to 5, EER up to 8, up to 50% power saving than normal air conditioners