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EC Motor & Fan

Features and Benefits
  • Energy-efficient, reduce OPEX through optimized energy management system. (Normally it is a combination system among diesel generator, fuel cell, solar PV with battery bank)

  • BLDC motors technology enable variable speed control feature for both fans and compressor using environmental friendly refrigerant R134A.

  • Compact product line is a mono-block unit with a plug and play feature ensures immediately set up also with flange design for convenient through-wall (or cabinet door) mounting,

  • Split unit product line offer you bigger cooling capacity up to 6kw, with the same home appliance air conditioner installation feature, but powered by 48VDC voltage.

  • Adaptable for T3 condition which up to 55 degree tropic area.Adaptable for T3 condition which up to 55 degree tropic area.