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Air Conditioner For Severe & Harsh Conditions

Air Conditioner for severe & harsh conditions:

Super-precision temperature & humidity control with anti corrosion for various applications

Product Introduction
Effectively solve the pain points of extreme heat and cold, harsh environment, severe corrosion, high-precision temperature control and other pain points in the cooling process in various conditions and provide customers with professional and reliable product solutions.
Technique Feature
  1.  Protect and escort the high-value equipment used in the harsh marine environment, effectively isolate the severe erosion such as temperature change, high humidity, lightning, hurricane, high salt fog, etc

  2. Design and manufacture according to GB / t33630 C4 / c5-m level

  3. The inner / outer interface meets the IP65 + protection level

  4. All internal refrigeration devices and pipelines are protected by high anti-corrosion electrophoresis or nano special coating

  5. Intelligent follow-up of absolute dehumidification and relative humidity control

  6. Choose international famous brand accessories, supplemented by high reliability design and manufacturing process, to ensure long-term stable operation of products

Technical parameters
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