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What Effect Does Water Quality Have On Air To Air Heat Exchangers?

Nov,27 2018

The quality air to air heat exchanger is a heat exchange device using water as a medium. Since water has a great influence on the heat exchange effect, in order to maintain an ideal working condition, the air heat exchanger has high requirements for fluid water quality.

It is important to note the hazards caused by impurities dissolved in water in the ionic or molecular state, which is the main cause of fouling in air heat exchangers. Since the salt is a hard, finely crystallized scale with a loose structure and low adhesion, it is fluid when separated from water.

The hazard caused by dissolved oxygen gas is an important factor causing corrosion of the air heat exchanger, and the corrosion caused by oxygen is relatively serious and relatively fast. Once it is brought into contact with each part of the metal surface, localized corrosion is likely to occur.

In order to increase the service life of the air to air heat exchanger, these points mentioned above should always be taken care of, so as not to affect the normal operation of the equipment.

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