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Advantages Of DC Air Conditioner

Jul,23 2018

The DC Air Conditioner is a direct current frequency conversion control system and the corresponding DC variable frequency compressor air conditioner. The energy saving effect is the strongest, and the temperature control technology is more precise.

The working principle of AC inverter air conditioner is that frequency conversion technology is a technology that changes the frequency of the power supply through the frequency converter and changes the speed of the compressor. The converter is converted to DC through the converter in the frequency converter, and then the DC to AC transformation is carried out through the inverter in the inverter, so the frequency and amplitude of the output voltage can be changed to control the speed of the AC motor. The control of the transducer is to transfer the indoor temperature information through the sensor to the microcomputer, to output the waveform of a certain frequency and control the frequency of the transducer. When the indoor rapid cooling or rapid heating, the indoor air conditioning load increases, the compressor speed speeds up, the refrigerating volume increases proportionately. On the contrary, when the indoor air conditioning load is reduced, the compressor operates normally or decelerates.

The principle of the Cooled DC Air Conditioner is to convert the 50Hz power frequency AC power supply to the DC power supply and send it to the main circuit of the power module. The power module is also controlled by the microcomputer. The difference is that the output of the module is a DC power supply with variable voltage. The compressor is using a direct current motor, so the DC frequency conversion air conditioner should be used. It is called DC variable speed air conditioner. DC inverter air conditioner has no inverter link. In this respect, it is more economical than AC frequency conversion.

DC Air Conditioner