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What Is Air Conditioning Duct Machine?

Jan,21 2019

Here is Air Conditioner Cabinet Manufacturers talking about air conditioning duct machine. 

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Air conditioning duct machine and central air conditioning do not exist who's good and who is bad, each type of air conditioning has its own advantages and disadvantages, by the technical level, central air conditioning must be more advanced than air duct air conditioning, but air duct air conditioning, in addition, there are price benefits. Under the current economic conditions, many people choose air-conditioning duct machines, but in the long term, central air-conditioning is more in line with the trend and fad of the days.

The air-conditioning system is a central air conditioner. A lot of individuals have such doubts. The air duct system is a kind of air conditioner but not a central air conditioner. The air duct air conditioner and the central air conditioner function are basically similar, so many people mistakenly feel that the duct system is Central air conditioning.

Air conditioning duct machine definition:

The air duct machine is a duct type air conditioner, and the air conditioner is on the air duct to supply air to the room. The so-called large static pressure duct system is a high static pressure enthusiast used for the duct type air conditioner, along with the static pressure of the air conditioner is equal to the outside pressure of the system. This is a parameter of the atmosphere supply capacity of the air conditioner. The bigger the static pressure, the longer the air distribution lift. Since the air duct air supply should pass through the air duct, the wind pressure will increase during the air supply. In the event the high static pressure fan is not used, the wind sent to the room will be small.

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