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Talking About The Comfort Of Air Conditioner

Jan,29 2019

Here is Dc Air Conditioning Supplier talking about the national heating standard. 

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According to the national standard "Design Code for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning", the indoor standards for comfort are:

Summer: Temperature: 24-28 ° C

Relative humidity: 40~65%

Wind speed: 0.3m/s

Winter: Temperature: 18~22°C

Relative humidity: 40-60%

Wind speed: 0.2m/s

Comfort parameters have been obtained via individual sensory testing. To be able to achieve comfort requirements, the air distribution requirements (temperature, atmosphere volume, etc.) and also tuyere layout (position and end speed, etc.) has to be considered in the plan, particularly the wind speed requirements. The end speed of this above-mentioned relaxation standard is that the wind speed over the whole broad and broad segment and the body needs to maintain an air-conditioned place mainly coming atmosphere.

Everybody has an impression about the cold shock of this house air-conditioner wall-mounted machine along with the cupboard system. It's because the air wind speed is big, the body is at the end mixed zone, along with the air conditioner is equal to some chilly enthusiast. Typically, the body feels chilly and doesn't feel comfortable. The body regulates the manhood to bear a massive load. The lengthy time will create the body modulate the function illness, resulting in a cold or an air disease. Thus, there's an air conditioner which shouldn't be opened normally. It's not appropriate to start out the air conditioner when sleeping, but in actuality, the normal air purifier operates isn't installed or enough. The place isn't affordable. In a word, the use of air conditioners must be people-oriented. Air conditioners must be designed prior to installation so that the majority of the houses are in comfortable circumstances. Just the usage of house central air conditioning may fix the aforementioned issues, reach the requirements of comfy air conditioning, and boost the new kingdom of living.

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