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Air-cooled Precision Air Conditioner Product Features

Mar,05 2019

Here is Dc Air Conditioner Made In China Supplier talking about Air-cooled Precision Air Conditioner Product Features. 

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The precision air conditioner is a computer room-specific air conditioner (alias), also known as constant temperature and humidity air conditioner, widely used in data centers, computer rooms, laboratories, communication base stations, archives, medical nuclear magnetic resonance rooms, storage rooms, etc.

The function of precision air conditioner: cooling, heating, humidifying, dehumidifying, power-off after power-off, access to centralized monitoring, reminding users through a computer, mobile phone, email.

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The air-cooled direct expansion unit draws heat from the room through the condenser to the outdoor air. After the unit is installed, the indoor unit forms a closed loop in the outdoor condenser. It is quick and easy to install and is suitable for areas where water is scarce and where there is no cooling water system.

Advantages of air conditioning products:

1. High reliability, high energy efficiency, high adaptability, low life, and low cost

2. 100% full frontal maintenance, saving room space

3. Copeland high-efficiency scroll compressor, suitable for environmentally friendly refrigerant

4. Optional high-efficiency EC fan, fan system can save more than 30% energy than a conventional air conditioning unit

5. Large area V-type evaporator, high air volume, high sensible heat ratio

6. Large humidification, adapt to poor water quality, low maintenance

7. All Chinese true color large touch screen

8. A powerful intelligent control system, group control multiple units, easy networking

9. High-efficiency variable frequency control owl type outdoor fan

10. Indirect natural cooling double cycle integrated fresh air curtain

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