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Why Use An Electric Control Cabinet Air Conditioner?

Dec,20 2018

With the usage of industrialization and the progress of varied equipment automation, a few complex and complicated electronic and electric equipment are utilized more and more broadly. These devices create a great deal of heat when they operate, and they're sensitive to elevated temperatures. After the temperature in the controller, the cabinet is greater than 40 °C for quite a very long time, it is going to impact the equilibrium and lifespan of the control gear. But once the fan is functioning, outside dust, oil, and damaging gases will even enter the controller cabinet, along with the top layer of the circuit board will probably be electrostatically adsorbed. As time passes, it is going to lead to patch elements. Corrosion with published wiring, while changing the heat dissipation of elements. The accumulated dust will also lead to a brief circuit from the high voltage component of the plank after becoming wet.

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