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Why Do You Need Precision Air Conditioning?

Mar,08 2019

Here is Cabinet Heat Exchanger Factory talking about Why do you need precision air conditioning. 

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Cabinet Heat Exchanger Factor

Information processing is an indispensable part of many important tasks. Therefore, the normal operation of the company is inseparable from the constant temperature and humidity data room. IT hardware produces an unusually concentrated heat load that is very sensitive to changes in temperature or humidity. Fluctuations in temperature or humidity can cause problems, such as garbled processing, and even severe system downtime. This can cause huge losses to the company, depending on the system downtime and the value of the lost data and time. Standard comfort air conditioners are not designed to handle the thermal load concentration and thermal load of the data room, nor to provide the precise temperature and humidity set points required for these applications. The precision air conditioning system is designed for precise temperature and humidity control. The precision air conditioning system is highly reliable, ensuring continuous system operation throughout the year, and with maintainability, assembly flexibility and redundancy to ensure normal air conditioning in the data room. 

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