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Air Conditioning Cleaning And Maintenance Nine Little Tricks

May,17 2019

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 The home is using air conditioning, and I do not know how to maintain the maintenance of friends do not worry, Shantou Riida air conditioning repair and maintenance company technical staff will share with you a few air conditioning maintenance tips. Interested friends may wish to find out.


First, often clean the air conditioning filter.

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Second, protect the heat sink of the condenser and evaporator.


Third, protect the refrigeration system. If the components of the refrigeration system or the connecting lines are damaged, the refrigerant will leak and the air conditioner will not be able to cool.


Fourth, the correct choice of fuse (fuse).


Fifth, the hand-controlled stop and open operation time of the air conditioner should be separated by more than 2 minutes, and cannot be continuously stopped or opened.


6. Prevent the electrical system from getting wet. The electrical system is prone to leakage after being wet.


7. Always check whether the contact between the power plug and the socket is good, and it should not be loose or fall off.


Eight, pay attention to the operating sound of air conditioning. When you hear the air conditioner running abnormal noise, such as metal collision sound, motor hum, shell vibration, etc., you should immediately shut down the cause and do not blindly continue to use, so as to avoid greater damage.


Nine, often rub the outer surface of the air conditioner, especially the panel part, to keep the air conditioner clean.