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How Is Air Conditioning Energy Efficient?

Nov,30 2018

At present, air-conditioning energy conservation has become the top priority of China's energy-saving work. To achieve energy saving and consumption reduction of real air conditioning systems, the key is how to adopt advanced air conditioning energy saving systems and energy saving equipment. The application of evaporative cooling technology can greatly reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning systems, but it does not have dehumidification capacity and cannot reduce the content of outdoor air. The amount of moisture, therefore, to enable the energy-saving and environmentally-friendly evaporative cooling technology to be promoted and applied in a wide range of medium humidity and high humidity areas, it also needs to be combined with dehumidification technology.

In the transitional season, when the mechanical refrigeration section is not turned on, the evaporative cooling treatment can fully meet the requirements of indoor air conditioning, and the energy-saving effect is over 80%; in the hot summer season, the mechanical refrigeration load can be reduced by 26%, which greatly improves the energy efficiency of the air conditioning system. Compared, it saves system energy consumption.

Under the leadership of new technologies, we must work hard to make good Data Center Air Conditioning Design, so that DC Air Conditioner and AC Air Conditioner can operate better, more energy-efficient and more environmentally friendly.

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