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Central Air Conditioning Air Outlet Material Classification

Apr,15 2019

Today we Cabinet Air Conditioner China Factory to come to summarize Central Air Conditioning Air Outlet Material Classification.

In recent years, China's central air-conditioning industry has developed rapidly, especially under the impetus of China's large-scale infrastructure development. The central air-conditioning market is changing with each passing day. As people's trust in central air conditioners continues to increase, their market applications are becoming more widespread. Among them, the air outlet is an important part of the installation of central air conditioning.

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According to the materials on the market, we divide the outlets into three categories:

The first category: wooden air outlet

The wooden material air outlet is beautiful and generous, and it has a texture. It can be matched with the overall wooden decoration style. The decoration is of high grade. The shortcoming is that when the air is heated in winter, the temperature difference is largely due to the use of the air outlet and the air conditioner is not used, and it is easy to be deformed and cracked.

The second category: aluminum alloy air outlet

The air outlet of aluminum alloy is cost-effective and moderately priced. In most central air-conditioning projects, the air outlets of aluminum alloy materials are used. It should be noted that during the summer cooling, the supply air temperature is too low, the insulation is not well done during construction, and the air volume is too small. The air outlet of the aluminum alloy material is prone to condensation, but the construction is strictly in accordance with the specifications. Happening.

The third category: ABS material outlet

ABS material is an emerging resin material with less deformation and condensation, and there are many colors to choose from. However, the price is more expensive, and the average family chooses less.

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