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Air Conditioning Start And Stop Operation Principle

Apr,10 2019

Here is Cabinet Air Conditioner manufacturer talking about air conditioning start and stop operation principle.

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With the emphasis on the home environment, many families have installed central air conditioners. However, do people understand the operating principles of central air conditioners? What is the principle of cooling and heating of the central air conditioner after it is turned on? What should I do after the central air conditioner is shut down? In fact, this is also a university question. Below, let's take a look at some knowledge about central air conditioning.

Central air conditioners are generally controlled by air conditioners. Different central air conditioners are slightly different, but the operation methods are basically similar. Familiar with the use of air conditioners can correctly grasp the operation of central air conditioner startup and central air conditioner shutdown. With the manual switch, in fact, the same as the remote control operation, we can look at the basic operation of the central air conditioner switch.

According to the air conditioning requirements and usage requirements, choose the operation mode of the air conditioner, such as cooling, heating, dehumidification or ventilation. After the air conditioner is running normally, the air conditioner is turned on, and the air conditioner can operate normally according to the selected operation mode.

Central air conditioner start-up: After starting the machine, the air conditioner can be adjusted to adjust the cooling (heat) amount by adjusting the air volume switch. Generally, the adjustment of the cooling (heat) amount of the air conditioner is achieved by changing the air volume (the inverter type air conditioner adjusts the compressor speed). Window air conditioners are generally equipped with strong cold and weak cold or strong heat and weak heat knobs. The knob is set to strong cold (heat) or weak cold (heat), and the actual air volume is adjusted too high air volume or low air volume. The remote control used in the split type air conditioner is generally provided with high, medium and low three speeds. According to the indoor temperature requirements, the air conditioning speed of the air conditioner can be adjusted to achieve the purpose of regulating cooling or heating.

Central air-conditioning shutdown reasons: air conditioners stop for any reason (such as sudden power failure, man-made shutdown, etc.), because the general air conditioners are equipped with a time delay device (delay time is about 3min), then this type of air conditioner Although it can be turned on immediately after the shutdown, it takes 3 minutes to run. However, for an air conditioner without a time delay device, it cannot be turned on immediately after the shutdown. It must be about 3 minutes before the air conditioner can be turned on again. Otherwise, the startup current may be too large, the fuse may be burnt, or even the compressor motor may be burnt.

Air conditioners should not be switched on and off frequently. Do not always turn the air conditioner on and off because the room temperature has reached or exceeded the required value. Instead, let the air conditioner control the start and stop by the temperature controller. When the air conditioner is not in use, turn off the power and unplug the power cord.

When using the central air conditioner, we need to understand some of the operating principles of it, so that we can use it more easily. Of course, the main purpose of understanding the central air conditioner startup and shutdown is to save energy. In addition, it can better protect the central air conditioner and let the central air conditioner Better operation and longer life.

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