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Air Conditioning Tips

May,14 2019

Here is Cabinet Air Conditioner China talking about Air conditioning tips. 

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1. The first tip is the cleaning of the filter. Since most of the air conditioners are used in summer and winter, the spring and autumn seasons may not be used for a long time, which will cause a dust accumulation on the filter inside the air conditioner. Cleaning can make the air conditioner clean and the air supply effect is better during the use. The air-conditioning filter is cleaned every 15 days to achieve good air supply and prevent secondary pollution caused by filter dust.

Air Conditioning Tips

2. The use of temperature setting, the summer set temperature of the air conditioning is 26 ° C degrees Celsius, the wind is horizontally upwards, because the weight of cold air is greater than the weight of the air, the horizontal upward cold air will slowly sink, so that The effect felt by the human body is good. In winter, the set temperature is 17 °C----20 °C, and the wind direction is selected to be vertically downward. Since the hot air is lighter than the air, it will slowly rise upwards, so that the human body can achieve a good temperature.

3. The air conditioner does not use for a long time to cut off the power supply, the air conditioner is still in standby state after shutdown, there is still power consumption and power consumption, and even some safety hazards may occur, so the air conditioner will not be used for a long time, must cut off the power supply, save Electricity is safe.

4. The installation position of the air conditioner is not suitable for installation in three positions, namely: above the appliance; above the bed and near the window, because the air conditioner may spray water drops or even water droplets during use, this will cause electrical appliances, The bed head, and the bedding cause unnecessary loss. In addition, due to the large energy consumption near the window and the poor heat preservation capacity, it is not suitable to install the air conditioner.