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What Is Working Principle Of Air Heat Exchanger Unit?

Mar,13 2019

The Air Heat Exchanger unit is connected by pipelines, such as plate heat exchangers, pumps, valves, filters, distribution boxes, inverters, instruments and control systems. 

Cabinet Heat Exchanger Factory

It is pre-assembled at the Cabinet Heat Exchanger Factory and is installed on the same base. device. After the unit is operated to the installation site, it is only necessary to connect the primary side, the secondary side and the water supply pipeline, and the power supply can be put into operation. At the same time, the unit has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient remote transportation, small floor space and flexible installation site.

1. Using industrial control calculation or intelligent temperature regulator to make the water supply temperature intelligently control, that is, the water supply temperature can be set according to the program, and it can change with the outdoor ambient temperature, standard temperature and time, and the heat supply quality is high and energy-saving. 

2. The industrial control computer displays, stores and prints various operating parameters, including: hot coal flow, heat medium temperature, heat medium pressure, heat supply, outdoor temperature standard temperature quality, water supply temperature, condensate temperature, water supply pressure, and the like.

3. When the steam and water heat exchange, set the condensate heat exchange section and the condensate temperature control to make full use of the condensed water heat.

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