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What Is Working Principle Of Air Heat Exchanger Unit? (2)

Mar,18 2019

4. The system hydration adopts frequency conversion control, automatic water and voltage regulation.

5. the use of high-quality stainless steel plate Air Heat Exchanger, the unit is small, small footprint.

6. standard modular design, according to the user's situation, flexible choice of control content, reduce investment.

7. The operating parameters are digitally displayed, which is convenient and reliable.

Air Heat Exchanger China

8. The structure of the heating plate type Air Heat Exchanger China unit is made up. The plate heat exchanger with high energy efficiency ratio and small volume is designed and manufactured by our company. The pump adopts imported or domestic vertical water pump, etc. The structure is compact and the required installation space is small.

9. the operation is simple, easy to install and maintain. The control heat transfer of the heat exchanger unit adopts the control components and systems of imported or domestic famous brands, with reliable operation, excellent performance and high degree of automation. The operation of the heat exchanger unit can be mastered with simple training.

10. The heating plate heat exchanger unit is a series of products with various varieties and complete models. Users can choose according to their needs.

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