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Case Analysis Of The Cabinet

Jun,24 2019

Here is Telecom Data Center Air Conditioner Supplier talking about Case analysis of the cabinet. 

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This project is based on the county, township, and village comprehensive management center as the command platform, supported by comprehensive informationization, based on grid management, and focused on public safety video surveillance and networking applications. engineering". It extends the public security measures to the masses through the construction of the three-level comprehensive management center. It is an effective measure to solve the blind spots of township villages and community security systems; it is a powerful weapon to fully mobilize the people to participate in social security management.

Telecom Data Center Air Conditioner Supplier



The platform uses high-end hardware products to meet the actual needs of security and information systems, reducing construction costs. The system design is optimized to facilitate the later use and maintenance of the system, which reduces the overall system cost.



Guided by actual needs, effective application as the core, making full use of video image resources, combined with practical application scenarios, and using stable and easy-to-use hardware and software to improve management efficiency.



As a large-scale informatization and people's livelihood construction project, it conforms to national and industry-related standards and local standards construction requirements. The system adopts industry-standard communication protocols and has good scalability.



The system platform can integrate front-end cameras, road security bayonet systems, back-end management platforms, codec devices, and storage devices.