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Application Requirements Of Cabinet Air Conditioner

Nov,23 2018

1. Environment and cleanliness of outdoor metal telecom cabinet

The outdoor cabinet is exposed to dust and moisture. To ensure the clean environment of the equipment, the inside of the cabinet air conditioner needs to be isolated from the external environment. Prevent the entry of foreign matter.

2. The volume aspect

The cabinet has a limited volume, and the space required for the communication equipment and the battery is removed, and the space reserved for the air conditioner is small. Therefore, the compact and small cabinet air conditioner has become a mainstream product in the industry.

3. Refrigeration requirements

Cabinet air conditioners generally require long-term continuous operation, so the compressor requirements for cabinet air conditioners are also very high.

4. Noise aspects

Some cabinets are installed in residential areas. The noise of air conditioners affects the lives of surrounding residents and even leads to complaints from residents. Therefore, cabinet air conditioners are required to have low noise design technology.

5. Microcomputer digital display

The cabinet is unattended. In order to remotely view the operating status of the equipment and the temperature of the cabinet, etc., avoiding the need to manually turn on the air conditioner and set the temperature point on the site, the air conditioner cabinet needs to set the cabinet temperature, fault code display, and so on.

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