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What Are The Benefits Of Maintaining Air Conditioning?

Apr,23 2019

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After many people buy the air conditioner and install it, they are not going to manage the air conditioner. Unless the air conditioner is broken, it is not the case. In fact, this is wrong. So how do we usually maintain air conditioners? Shantou air conditioning repair company related staff introduction:

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1. Prevention of air conditioning disease

People who work and live in an air-conditioned environment for a long time, because the air does not circulate, the environment cannot be improved, there will be nasal congestion and dizziness. Sneezing, tinnitus, fatigue, memory loss, and other symptoms can even lead to symptoms associated with skin allergies, such as dry skin, dry skin, allergies, poor skin and so on. This phenomenon is called "air conditioning syndrome" or "air conditioning disease" in modern medicine.

2. Extend the life of air conditioning

After the air conditioner is used for a period of time, due to static electricity and repeated air circulation, the surface of the filter plate, the radiator, and the fins of the evaporator are accumulated with a large amount of dust and dirt, causing airflow blockage, resulting in a decrease in cooling and heating effects. Increase power consumption, noise, and even cause damage to the compressor and increase the failure rate. Reduce the service life of air conditioners. It also produces odors, bacteria, mites, etc., which endanger people's health.

3. Saving electricity resources

In the repeated operation of air conditioners, a large amount of dust and liquid smoke trapped in the air will wrap the fins layer by layer, and severely block the small gap between the fins, affecting the heat dissipation of the fins, thereby causing the condenser pressure to rise. The compressor motor current is increased, the running time is multiplied, and the power consumption is significantly increased. (When the heat sink is in a clean state, the heat dissipation is good, the room temperature quickly drops to the set temperature, and the compressor automatically stops working; according to the experimental results, the dirt on the heat sink reaches 0.30 mm thickness, and the working time of the compressor is doubled. The electricity consumption of the air conditioner has increased by about 2.4 times. For example, in a room, it takes ten minutes to drop to the set temperature before cleaning; after cleaning, it takes only seven minutes to drop to the set temperature, and the compressor can work for three minutes less. Thus saving 30% of electricity. At present, the current situation in China is: a large number of air conditioning refrigeration effects are not good, and even extend the compression time, waste power, through the cleaning can restore the air conditioning to the normal cooling effect, shorten the compression time, save 10-30% of electricity consumption.

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