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Which One Is Better For DC or AC Air Conditioners?

Sep,14 2018

DC Air Conditioner

Modern home decoration, air conditioning is a must. At present, there are many types of air-conditioning brands and air conditioners on the market, which really makes some decoration families difficult to choose, take the air conditioner as an example, there are DC air conditioner and AC air conditioner for everyone to choose. So, for home life, which air conditioner is better?

1. First look at the AC motor air conditioner.

The structure of the AC motor is relatively simple, and the rotational power is generated after the rotating magnetic field of the spindle induces an electric potential on the rotor. It should be noted that the speed generated by the AC motor is generally constant.

AC motors can be used for air conditioners, as well as small appliances,  such as whitewashers and vacuum cleaners such as washing machines and refrigerators. The price of this AC motor is very cheap, especially for small household appliances that are consumed by the masses.

2. Then look at the DC motor air conditioner.

DC motor can be regarded as an upgrade technology of AC motor. The air conditioner brand that everyone is currently seeing is more fully self-directed, and the full DC is often matched with “frequency conversion", It can be seen that DC and inverter are closely related.

Advantages of DC inverter air conditioner.

First, the energy consumption is low. Generally, DC motor air conditioners have high energy consumption levels and are energy-saving products. This can be seen from the energy efficiency label.

Second, stable operation.

Third, the noise is relatively low.

Fourth, maintenance is also more convenient.

At present, DC motors are mainly used in air conditioners, especially central air conditioners.

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