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Cabinet Installation Requirements

May,31 2019

1. Before installing the Telecom Outdoor Cabinet, check whether the air exhaust equipment of the cabinet is in good condition, whether the number of equipment pallets is complete, and whether the pulleys and support columns are intact.

2. The cabinet model, specifications and installation location should meet the design requirements. 

3. The vertical deviation of the Telecom Indoor Cabinet installation should be no more than 3mm, and the horizontal error should not exceed 2mm. Several cabinets are arranged side by side. The panels should be on the same plane and parallel to the reference line. The front and rear deviations must not exceed 3 mm; the gap between the two cabinets must not exceed 3 mm. For equipment that is arranged in a row with a certain interval, the front and rear deviation of the panel shall not exceed 5 mm;

Telecom Outdoor Cabinet

4. The various parts of the cabinet must not fall off or be damaged. If the paint surface falls off, it should be pre-painted. All signs should be complete and clear;

5. The cabinet should be installed firmly. When there is a seismic requirement, it should be reinforced according to the seismic design of the construction drawing;

6. The cabinet should not be directly installed on the raised floor. The base should be made according to the bottom plane size of the equipment. The base is fixed directly to the ground, the cabinet is fixed on the base, and then the raised floor is laid;