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How To Choose Cabinet Air Conditioner

Nov,20 2018

Cabinet air conditioner is generally a compressed refrigeration and air conditioning system. The heat generated inside the cabinet is forced to be discharged to the outside environment through two completely independent and isolated air cycles inside and outside the cabinet, so as to protect the electrical components in the cabinet to operate within the controllable temperature and humidity range and ensure that the internal components of the cabinet are in an ideal operating state.

Cabinet air conditioner is a kind of precision electrical appliance. Please pay attention to the following problems when selecting the type:

1. First, confirm whether the products you need are for outdoor use or indoor use, choose the cabinet air conditioner according to the site environment. Indoor use generally chooses wall-mounted cabinet air conditioner. For outdoor use, stainless steel air conditioner housing can be used, and the embedded installation cabinet can also be considered. Air conditioning, if the site is too dusty, we recommend using water-cooled air conditioning.

2. It must be ensured that the total heat output of the electrical cabinet is not greater than the available cooling capacity of the air conditioner. If the cooling capacity is insufficient, air conditioning will always affect the working life of the air conditioner.

3. For larger electrical cabinets, we recommend using multiple air conditioners for cooling to prevent uneven airflow in the cabinet and cause condensation in the cabinet.

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Cabinet Air Conditioner