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Classification Of Ultra Speed Centrifugal Compressor

Oct,30 2018

Classified according to the structure, ultra speed centrifugal compressors can be generally divided into three types: horizontal split type, cylindrical type and multi-axis type.

1. Horizontal split type centrifugal compressor

This type of compressor has a horizontal mid-section that divides the cylinder into upper and lower halves and is bolted at the mid-section. This type of structure is easy to assemble and disassemble for medium and low-pressure applications.

2. Cylinder centrifugal compressor

The cylinder type compressor has two inner and outer cylinders, and the outer cylinder has a cylindrical shape and end caps at both ends. The inner cylinder is vertically split and assembled into the outer cylinder. The structural cylinder has high strength, good sealing performance and good rigidity, but it is difficult to install and inconvenient to repair and is suitable for occasions with high pressure or good sealing performance.

3. Multi-axis ultra speed compressor

The utility model relates to driving a plurality of pinion shafts by a large gear in a gearbox, and one stage impeller is installed at one end or both ends of each shaft, the impeller is axially inflated, radially exhausted, and the impellers of each stage are connected through a pipe. This type of structure is simple and small and is suitable for compression of air, steam or inert gas at the medium and low pressure.

Ultra Speed Centrifugal Compressor