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How To Clean The Air To Air Heat Exchanger?

Oct,19 2018

Let's learn how to clean the air to air heat exchanger.

1. Water rinse

(1). Remove the dirt, sediment, and accumulated water in the dissolution tank and wash the tank.

(2). Using industrial water, start the circulation pump to fill the dissolution tank and the equipment to be cleaned and the entire circulation system with clean water, then,stop adding water, and cycle the valve to the maximum opening degree (discharge valve is fully closed) for half an hour to observe whether the greenwashing system leaks. If there is a leak, it should be handled in time.

(3) Stop the pump for half an hour, open the discharge valve, and drain the sewage from the system.

(4) Repeat the two steps (2) (3) until the water is invisible without obvious impurities.

2. Cleaning agent cleaning

(1) Add fresh water to the dissolution tank, start the circulation pump, establish a circulation in the cleaning system, and add a metered metal corrosion inhibitor to the dissolution tank to establish a cycle with the cleaning agent. The temperature is adjusted to 50ºc-80ºc.

(2) The concentration of the cleaning solution is analyzed immediately after the start of dosing, once every 15 minutes to half an hour.

(3) The cleaning time of the drug needs to be determined according to the concentration of the oil discharged from the liquid and the change of the active ingredient of the drug and the flow rate.

3. Water rinse

(1) Discharging the cleaning solution, add water to the dissolution tank for water rinse, start the circulation pump, so that the entire system is filled with clean water until the water has no obvious dirt, the end of the rinse.

(2) Then, when the water is discharged to the FH value of about 7, open the discharge valve and drain the water as much as possible. The cleaning is completed.

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