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Research On Automatic Control System Of Evaporative Cooling Air Conditioning

Dec,03 2018

From the automated control of evaporative Industrial Cooling Systems, control chain and compartment management are variables that directly impact the management impact and energy-saving impact.

Benefits: Extended use time and effortless upkeep. The entire system has just air duct laying without a waterway structure, and the layout is easy with low price. As there's absolutely no requirement to put in a water heater at the ceiling, absolutely no issue of condensed water leakage. Additionally, the machine utilizes a new manner of breeze which may considerably improve the indoor air quality, and in precisely the exact same time, the usage of fresh breeze at the transition period can reduce energy intake.

Cons: Since the air is cooled by the cold air and the specific heat capacity of the air is small, the air volume of the system is large, and as a result, the air passage has a larger space than the general semi-centralized air conditioning system, and the use flexibility is poor, and multiple room control adjustments cannot be realized.

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