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How to Choose Electrical Cabinet Air Conditioner?

Jun,28 2019

In many families today, air conditioners are basically used. The Electrical Cabinet Air Conditioner are also favored by many consumers. It is a kind of industrial air conditioner, but when we buy, how can we choose good quality products about air conditioning? Next, let Telecommunication Air Conditioner Factory analyze it for everyone!

Telecommunication Air Conditioner Factory

1. Industrial air conditioner manufacturers believe that noise is a problem when purchasing electrical cabinet air conditioners. In addition, when the air conditioner is running, it requires low vibration and low noise. Under the same conditions, the air conditioner with relatively low noise should be purchased, especially the low-noise air conditioner with low or weak wind gear should be selected to meet the sleep. And the need for rest.

2. We believe that when purchasing electrical cabinet air conditioners, air conditioning refrigeration capacity and effect are people's concerns, which is related to the size of air conditioning refrigeration. In general, the living room or master bedroom requires about 150W of cooling capacity per square meter, and the area of 30 square meters requires 4,500W of cooling capacity. Users can choose according to the area of the house.

3. Industrial air conditioner manufacturers believe that when choosing electrical cabinet air conditioners, the appearance of air conditioners should be paid attention to. Because the vertical air conditioner is large in size and relatively attractive, it will affect the decoration style of the house. Therefore, the appearance of the air conditioner is also a problem that the user needs to pay attention to, and the air conditioner that can be harmonious with the decoration style of the house is selected.

The above is the industrial air conditioner manufacturers for everyone to analyze how to choose the electric cabinet air conditioner. I hope we can help everyone, if you want to know more, please continue to pay attention!

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