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Exquisite Cabinet Launches The Overall Solution For The Traffic Field Monitoring Console

Jun,10 2019

Here is Telecom Data Center Air Conditioner Supplier talking about Exquisite Cabinet Launches The Overall Solution For The Traffic Field Monitoring Console.

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Transportation is related to the planning of a city, the travel of the people, the monitoring of traffic conditions, the rapid response and solution of the people's travel problems, and the development of each city.

The demand for monitoring consoles is particularly urgent. The sophisticated cabinet company has rich experience in transportation. We design the layout and style of the police seats and the command seats according to the size and structure of the hall. A proven solution for field monitoring consoles.

First, the overall layout design of the monitoring command center

According to the size and construction pattern of the monitoring and command center, the overall layout plan of the monitoring center is tailored for customers, and the leadership seats, command seats and operating seats are designed according to customer needs.

Second, intimate ergonomic design

According to the customer's preferences and the overall style of the monitoring center, design the appearance of the monitoring console, and design the opening position and embedding mode of the monitor bracket, embedded terminal and telephone according to the customer's requirements, to provide customers with cooling solutions and take care of the feet. Space and host device space.

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Third, the most cost-effective monitoring console selection

According to the customer's budget requirements, select the monitoring console that meets the customer's technical specifications (such as heat dissipation requirements, seismic fireproof requirements, etc.), including sheet metal, frame structure steel plate thickness, steel hardness, and seal treatment.

Fourth, lean production process

Imported processing equipment ensures that the accuracy of the product can fully meet the needs of users; digital processing greatly improves production efficiency, shortens our production cycle, and reserves sufficient time for customer site implementation. The design and processing of the framed architecture greatly facilitates transportation and later maintenance.

Five, customer-oriented caring service

We provide one-to-one intimate service for our customers. From pre-sales consulting services, we provide customers with free overall design solutions, and design cost-optimized monitoring consoles for customers according to their budgets. Due to the frame structure adopted, our installation is required by professional installers to install for customers, all installations are based on customer satisfaction!