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Common faults and overhaul of Centrifugal Compressor

Oct,16 2018

Ultra Speed Centrifugal Compressor vibration failure

Here we will talk about a very special phenomenon in the operation of centrifugal compressors, surge. As it turns out, the surge is associated with a large number of accidents in the compressor, and it can cause considerable harm. In the case of surge, the general signs are a large drop in flow, a decrease in displacement, a significant fluctuation in pressure, and a relatively strong vibration of the unit, accompanied by a low hum. The fundamental measure to prevent and eliminate surge is to try to increase the inlet gas flow of the centrifugal compressor. Before the boosting and before the speed reduction and shutdown, the vent valve and the return valve should be pre-opened to reduce the back pressure. Increase the flow to prevent the effect of the surge. The anti-surge system should be put into automatic when the machine is running normally, if it is to boost and shift, it should be emphasized that "the boost must first increase the speed, and the speed reduction must first step down." In principle, when operating the anti-asthmatic valve, the action should not be too strong, so as to avoid excessive movement of the shaft position. On the other hand, the "safety pressure ratio" boosting method is also very effective for preventing surge.

The gas cooler outlet temperature is too high.

The reasons for this failure are: insufficient cooling water, the amount of cooling water should be increased; the cooling capacity of the gas cooler should be reduced, and the water flow rate in the cooler tube should be less than 2 m/s; the surface area of the cooling pipe should be cleaned; If the cooling pipe is broken or the pipe and the tube plate are loosely fitted, the two ends of the damaged pipe should be blocked or the loose pipe should be expanded by the expander.

The gas outlet flow reduction.

The reasons are: the seal gap is too large, the gas filter of the intake air is clogged, the gap should be adjusted according to the regulations or the seal and the gas filter should be cleaned.

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