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The Main Form Of Heat Exchanger Production

May,21 2019

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Expansion joint expansion is the main form of connection between copper heat exchange tubes and steel tube sheets in the current heat exchanger manufacturing process. The quality of the expansion joint during expansion is related to the radial gap, surface roughness and expansion rate of the heat exchange tube and the tube sheet. In order to obtain a good and stable expansion quality, the processing accuracy of the tube sheet must be strictly controlled, and the expander, tube expansion power, and control means should be selected correctly to ensure proper expansion and reasonable expansion sequence. Despite this, leaks and leaks often occur during stress tests and require further repair. And similar problems will occur during the equipment operation cycle, causing certain troubles for users and manufacturing companies.

Air Cooled Heat Interchanger Manufacturer

The new process of bonding and connecting the steel tube sheet and the copper heat exchange tube, the new application process of the glue joint expansion joint, in view of the leakage and seepage often occur when the steel tube sheet of the shell-and-tube heat exchanger is connected with the copper heat exchange tube Leakage problem, a heat exchanger manufacturer in the manufacture of such heat exchangers, starting from the joint type, using a new process of glue expansion. After several simulation process tests and pressure tests, this new process has been continuously improved, and finally successfully applied in the production process of manufacturing the tube-and-tube heat exchanger steel tube plate and the copper heat exchange tube. After tracking the quality of such heat exchanger equipment, there is no leakage and leakage quality during the heat exchanger operation cycle, which makes the new technology of adhesive joint expansion recognized by users.

Adhesive expansion process 1) Annealing of the 200230mm range of the copper tube at around 60030, the holding time is 1015min, after being taken out, wrapped with asbestos and slowly cooled. 2) Do the surface treatment of the glued parts. Degrease treatment is first performed to remove grease, dirt, etc.; the joint surface is then sanded with sandpaper (or gauze) to remove oxides and increase surface roughness. 3) Select the adhesive according to the working conditions of the glued parts. When the copper heat exchange tube is glued to the steel tube sheet, the epoxy resin self-adhesive is selected according to the working temperature of the heat exchanger. The weighing of each component of the rubber should be accurate, the order of preparation should be reasonable, and it should be used up within the specified time.

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