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Heat Exchanger Unit Installation Features

Jan,14 2019

As the Air Heat Exchanger China supplier, I have to talk about the importance of heat exchangers.

In heating, washing, and air conditioning systems in residential, institutional, factory, mine, hospital, college, etc., Air Heat Exchanger units are demanded. The principal parts of the unit are composed of the Heat Exchanger, flow pump, make-up water heaters, electrical control cabinet, base, pipeline, valve, an instrument, etc., and may be outfitted with automatic constant pressure water source device based on the demands of users, water therapy. This type of unit mainly adopts standardized and modular design, complete configuration, convenient setup, higher efficiency, and energy saving. It's because of this, it's commonly used in central heating, central air conditioning, and other systems.

Before the unit is used, the unit should be set up which are the appropriate installation requirements? It is the principal consideration. The hoisting technical requirements are mainly manifested from the fact that for the hosting section, all the rigging ought to be prepared, and based on the typical rules, the undertaking of reflection should be carefully and nicely done. For larger components, because the corresponding diameter is larger, and you will find more heat exchange tubes, the corresponding lifting is quite large, so the lifting quality is very large. Therefore, when pruning and lifting, it ought to be selected to be improved from the housing support. In the backing plate, wooden sides are supplied on both sides of the casing for maintaining the casing.

In terms of the size deviation of this unit, in addition, there are certain requirements. The size of the partial dimensions of the unit must satisfy the requirements of the specification. The prerequisites of the bearing device are mainly as follows: the movable support on the base, one side should be pre-buried with a skateboard, along with the anchor bolts should have horns on both sides. Before the equipment is leveled, then the diagonal horn should be welded into the base plate of the unit.

Along with establishing the relevant installation requirements, you should also have an understanding of the qualities of the heat exchanger unit. The main functionality is that the unit structure is relatively compact. Because of this, in the daily operation procedure, the equilibrium is relatively strong, the security factor is comparatively large, and the operation is relatively suitable. In the actual exchange process, the device can completely process based on its true circumstance. The crew mainly uses a smart way of salvation, therefore the whole water temperature should be set according to applicable procedures. It varies with the change in outdoor temperature.

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