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Hot And Cold Channel Isolation And Cold Air Cooling

Apr,01 2019

Here is Industry Cooling Solution Factory talking about Hot and cold channel isolation and cold air cooling.

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There are many options for data center cooling, ranging from hot and cold aisle isolation, self-cooling cabinets to the use of outside air.

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Hot and cold channel isolation:

In order to determine which cooling solution should be used in the data center, the advantages and disadvantages of each solution need to be weighed according to the needs. Is hot and cold channel isolation important? Save energy? Is there flexibility in design?

Industry Cooling Solution Factory

Hot and cold aisle isolation means that the cold air flowing into the data center is isolated from the hot air that is discharged. Hot and cold aisle isolation requires specialized curtains, blinds, walls or other designs to isolate the hot and cold aisles. The effectiveness of the implementation depends on the budget, infrastructure design and project planning. Advantages: Isolation avoids mixing of hot and cold air, and the load of the air conditioning system to reach the target temperature is relatively small. Sometimes isolation can reduce the number of air conditioning units needed.

Disadvantages: Strict data center layout increases design planning time, fire safety considerations, and infrastructure costs, especially for re-layout. The more isolated channels are deployed, the more obvious the disadvantages are.

The cabinets must be arranged back-to-back or face-to-face to change the layout of the rack so that cold air enters through a dedicated passage. It is necessary to fill the gap between the cabinets and block all unused rack space with blind plates.

To prevent air from flowing through the top of the cabinet and reaching the end of the entire cabinet, fireproof and anti-static plastic curtains should be hung at the end of the cabinet and at the top of the cabinet. To achieve full closure, a side door is required to provide a barrier between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling.

If the air outside the data center can be kept below 27 degrees Celsius, then free cooling is possible to directly cool the equipment with filtered outside air, or use external air to cool the circulating water, only the mechanical pump is no longer needed.

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