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Difference Between Air Duct Air Conditioner And Central Air Conditioner

Jan,24 2019

Here is Industrial Air Conditioner Supplier talking about air conditioning duct machine.

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The air duct machine is the abbreviation of the hidden air conditioner. Additionally, it may be called air conditioner duct machine or duct air conditioner. It's also referred to as air duct system central air conditioner. The indoor system of air conditioner machine is fundamentally the same as the fundamental component of a central air conditioner. And all of them are in the form of a ceiling. From the exterior, there's not any difference between the central air conditioner and also the central air compressor. Since it's an outside unit that drags an internal component, along with the central air conditioner is generally In the kind of a more drag, and the air duct air conditioner cannot attain the effect of central air conditioning.


Benefits of air duct air conditioner:

Compared with central air conditioner, the duct air conditioner has cheaper cost, and the impact of interior decoration is precisely the same as that of their central air conditioner, and it isn't hard to maintain and suitable for air-conditioning habits of Chinese people.

The shortcomings of air duct air conditioners are fixed frequency technology and lots of outside units, necessitating more positions of outside machines.

Advantages of central air-conditioning: Compared with air conditioning ducting machines, central air technology has higher complex energy efficiency ratio, simpler exterior piping, and less outdoor unit position demands, which is more acceptable for medium-to-high-end family residences.

Cons of central air conditioning: the price is a bit higher and the maintenance cost is slightly higher.

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