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Installation Steps For Air To Air Heat Exchanger

Nov,07 2018

What are the installation steps for the air to air heat exchanger?

The installation steps of the air heat exchanger are mainly as follows:

Step 1: Discharge the cargo at the site. At the same time, install hot water or steam pipes. If the heat medium is steam, then the method of up and down should be used, while hot water is the opposite.

Step 2: Install the corresponding valve, mainly for the gate valve, and install the filter. However, this is not necessary, and it can be decided according to the actual situation. After that, the trap is installed.

Step 3: Turn on the motor power switch, then pass the steam, then turn on the fan, pay attention to the order can not be wrong. If it is hot water, it is the same.

Step 4: When the air heat exchanger is used, turn off the fan first, then turn off the steam. If it is hot water, turn off the hot water first and turn off the fan. Therefore, at this point, everyone should pay attention.

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 Air To Air Heat Exchanger