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Installation Of Cabinet Air Conditioner

Nov,17 2018

The definition of cabinet air conditioner is a device that can adjust the temperature, relative humidity and flow speed of air in the electrical control cabinet. The difference between cabinet air conditioning and ordinary air conditioning is the structure, the object served and the environment used.

1. The electrical control cabinet must be sealed.

2. The top mounted air conditioner can not bend the roof of the electric control cabinet, and the roof should be strengthened if necessary.

3. We must pay attention to the discharge of condensate water. After installation, we should insert condensate tube into the outlet hole to prevent condensate water from entering the cabinet. Now there are manufacturers producing air-conditioners without condensate water (condensing water is rapidly vaporized).

4. The door switch should be installed. When the door is opened, the air conditioning device should be cut off to avoid condensation in the cabinet. At the same time, the air conditioning device can not be connected again until the door is closed for 5 minutes.

5. Keep the air circuit in the cabinet unimpeded and prevent the air inlet and outlet from being obstructed.

With the growing maturity of air conditioning technology, more and more users have put forward the requirement of adding air conditioning to electrical control cabinets. Now many manufacturers have produced wall-mounted and top-mounted air conditioning of various specifications. The maximum refrigeration capacity can reach more than 6000 watts, which can meet the requirements of various users. In addition, in order to meet the needs of heat dissipation and ventilation of outdoor electrical control cabinets, the cabinet air conditioner manufacturer also produce outdoor air conditioners.

Cabinet Air Conditioner