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How To Maintain DC Air Conditioner When Changing Seasons

Oct,10 2018

In the blink of an eye, the energy-efficient DC air conditioner in the home is also at rest. After a long period of summer use, the air filter and the interior will have a dusty backlog due to daily use. At this time, we need to change seasons. Take good care of our air conditioners, otherwise unhealthy bacteria will endanger our health in the coming year.

First of all, let's take a look at the hazards that are often not cleaned. When the evaporator of the air conditioner indoor unit and the condenser of the outdoor unit are covered with dust, it will affect the emission of cold air and heat, resulting in a weakening of the air conditioning refrigeration or heating effect. when the air conditioner is turned on, the bacteria in the air conditioner will be directly blown into the indoor air, causing direct damage to the human body. Many households neglect to clean the air conditioner after the air conditioner has been used in the summer. Therefore, a large amount of dust, mites, pollen, scorpions and molds adsorbed on the air-conditioner vacuum net will start to multiply. When the air conditioner is used again in the second year, these Pathogens, viruses, molds and dust are blown out by air conditioners, it will often causing large-scale respiratory infections and allergic dermatitis.

Cleaning method: Therefore, air conditioning is generally required to be cleaned and maintained before use in summer or after use in autumn. To completely kill the bacteria in the air conditioner, it is best to use a professional technician to clean the air conditioner

Tips: The cleaning of air conditioners directly affects the health of family members. The so-called air conditioning disease is also related to the cleaning of air conditioners.

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