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Materials For The Use Of Telecom Outdoor Cabinets

Jul,31 2018

The requirements for materials for production in Telecom Outdoor Cabinet are very strict. The following is a detailed introduction of the materials used in telecom outdoor cabinets by DC Air Conditioning Supplier.

Hot dipped galvanized sheet with thickness greater than or equal to 1.5mm is used to make the outer panel of cabinet. Outdoor powder must be sprayed after welding the hot dipped galvanized sheet. The thermostatic cabinet is made of hot dipped zinc plate for the heat control device, and the thermostatic device for the refrigerating cabinet is made of plate with the structure of 1.5mm hot-dip zinc plate plus 10mm insulation cotton structure.

The base of the cabinet is cold rolled steel sheet with thickness of not less than 2mm, which is treated by hot dip galvanizing after welding.

Metal materials used in cabinets, after or without surface treatment, should have the ability to resist corrosion and electrochemical reaction.

Non-metallic parts (including insulating wires, cables and foam materials) should be flame retardant materials, and their combustibility should pass the requirements of flame retardant test.

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