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Three Methods Of Data Center Cooling

Nov,01 2018

Let's take a look at three ways of the data center cooling.

1. Sealed cooling

Sealing measures also do not address overheating problems due to erroneous cooling schedules, inadequate airflow or cooling capacity. Retrofitting sprinkler and gas fire suppression systems will greatly increase costs. In addition to trying to avoid the wrong implementation, daily optimization is also very important: blind panels must be installed in unused rack space, holes in the raised floor should be blocked in time, and cables that affect ventilation under the floor should be cleaned up. 

2.  Back door cooler

The degree of acceptance is also very high, in part because of the renewed attention to water cooling. If the huge computer room air conditioning system is canceled and the new cooling method close to the equipment is used, it is believed that the data center industry will run better than now. The educational background and personal willingness to make a difference may lead to new cases, but the contradiction between cost and power availability will determine the end result.

3. Tight coupling or heat source cooling

Tightly coupled cooling provides a more efficient operation by being close to the heat source. This is nothing new - ask the old mainframe operator or any laptop designer to know. While tightly coupled cooling is still "mainstream”in the data center, the updated approach tends to do better and meet more attention to meeting energy efficiency needs. It works in a simple way: it consumes energy to blow a lot of air into space under the floor or the air duct, and then pull it back to the air conditioner.

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