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When You Need to Choose an Air to Air Heat Exchanger

Sep,20 2018

Moderate ambient temperature

Due to the fact that air to air heat exchangers depend upon a difference in temperatures between the ambient air and the air within the electric enclosure, they are used for applications where the ambient temperature is lower than the highest allowed enclosure temperature.

Noise-sensitive areas

Besides the small hum of the air circulation fans, air to air heat exchangers are silent. They can be used anywhere that excessive noise would be a problem, including in management rooms, office places, hospitals and residential areas.

Dirty and dusty areas

An air to air heat exchanger is a closed loop cooling system, and the bottom of the heating pipe is totally sealed off by the ambient atmosphere. Air to air heat exchangers may be fitted to electrical enclosures designed for use in dirty and dusty regions

Wet and corrosive locations

Our quality air to air heat exchanger is made to withstand prolonged exposure to water jets and corrosive chemicals, such as the ones used in the food and drink industry or in wastewater treatment plants. Furthermore, there are models acceptable for use in hazardous places.

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