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Do You Know The Way The Cabinet Cooling Solution work?

Nov,05 2018

Let's take a look at the operation of the air cooler.

Do you know the way the Cabinet Cooling Solution work?

The operation of the air cooler system is through three interrelated systems: air supply refrigeration system, refrigerant circulation system, and electrical control system.

First, the air supply refrigeration system of the air cooler: firstly start the air blower to make the air flow. After the air is cooled by the air cooling system of the air cooler, the air flowing through the evaporator will quickly cool down, and then the output of the blower directly acts on the product or in space. The outlet temperature can be adjusted automatically according to the requirements. Long-term use can save energy and pollution. Therefore, the chiller is a standard environmentally friendly, energy-saving device.

Second, the refrigerant circulation system of the air cooler: the liquid refrigerant in the evaporator absorbs the heat in the air and begins to evaporate. Finally, a certain temperature difference is formed between the refrigerant and the air, and the liquid refrigerant is completely evaporated to a gaseous state. The compressor is sucked in and compressed (pressure and temperature increase), the gaseous refrigerant absorbs heat through the condenser (air-cooled/water-cooled), condenses into a liquid, and is throttled by a thermal expansion valve (or capillary) to become a low-temperature low-pressure refrigerant to evaporate. Complete the refrigerant cycle.

Third, the electric appliance automatic control system of the air cooler: including the power supply part and the automatic control part. The power supply part supplies power to the compressor, the cooling fan, the blower, etc. through the contactor. The automatic control part includes the combination of temperature controller, pressure protection, delay device, relay, overload protection, etc. to achieve automatic start and stop according to air temperature, protection and other functions.

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