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What Role Does The Outdoor Cabinet Play In The Data Center Room?2

Jun,17 2019

Here is Telecom Cabinets Manufacturer talking about What Role Does The Outdoor Cabinet Play In The Data Center Room.

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4. system status detection function

The intelligent communication cabinet system itself displays the LED indicators of its working status and data information collection alarm and can be visualized on the LCD touch screen. The interface is beautiful, generous and clear.

5. smart device access function

The intelligent communication cabinet system has access to the intelligent equipment including the smart power meter or the UPS discontinuous power source, and the corresponding data parameters are read through the RS485/RS232 communication interface and the Modbus communication protocol and appear on the screen in real time.

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6. relay dynamic output function

When the linkage of the pre-designed system logic is received by the intelligent communication cabinet system, a normally open/closed message is sent to the DO channel of the hardware interface to drive the device connected thereto, such as an audible and visual alarm, Equipment such as fans.

Saving machine room operation energy consumption intelligent air supply cabinet

The user must deal with the following problem: the reason why the communication device is heated due to work will collect a large amount of heat in the communication cabinet, which affects the stable operation of the device. The intelligent air supply cabinet can adjust the on-demand adjustment of the condition of each cabinet to prevent unnecessary costs, saving initial investment and energy consumption, and bring more value to users. In addition, the value of intelligent air supply cabinet products is also reflected in the full load support of the equipment. Generally speaking, the traditional communication cabinet cannot be fully equipped with equipment such as servers, and once a large number of devices are installed, it is likely to cause partial overheating of the communication cabinet, forming a server down in the communication cabinet. Each cabinet in the intelligent air supply cabinet processing plan is independent. It can cool down the equipment according to the operation status of the equipment of the cabinet and complete the full load operation of the cabinet, thereby greatly reducing the space requirement of the equipment room and reducing the enterprise's capital. The intelligent air supply cabinet can save about 20% of the running cost compared with the ordinary cabinet, and the energy-saving effect is remarkable.