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Common Questions About Air to Air Heat Exchanger

Oct,26 2018

Do you always have questions about the heat exchanger? Let's take a look at the answers to the common questions about the air to air heat exchanger!

1. The exhaust heat recovery capacity of the all heat air heat exchanger of the air heat exchanger is several times that of the sensible heat exchanger?

The all hot air heat exchanger in the air to air heat exchanger, after detecting, analyzing and summarizing the exhaust heat capacity, it can be concluded that it is about 4 times that of a sensible heat exchanger, so this kind of heat exchanger's performance on this aspect is better.

2. Can it only be used to heat the air?

There is no doubt that the answer to this question is no, and it is also obvious, because since it is an air heat exchanger, it is used for heat exchange, so it can not only be used to heat the air, but also to cool the air to achieve heat transfer, not just one of them, otherwise it can not be called a heat exchanger.

3. In the fresh air ventilator, will the high efficiency air to air heat exchanger be used?

The interior of the fresh air ventilator is a built-in sensible heat exchanger or a full heat exchanger, so it does not use an air heat exchanger, so it is not a problem on this issue. As for its function, it is to recover part of the energy discharged from the outdoor air, thereby avoiding the excessive increase in indoor energy consumption.

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