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Why Should You Clean The Air to Air Heat Exchanger?

Nov,14 2018

Cleaning in the chemical industry production process, due to many reasons, air heat exchangers and pipelines will produce a lot of dirt, such as coking, oil dirt, scale, sediment, corrosion products, polymers, and so on.

The resulting dirt will invalidate the quality air to air heat exchanger and pipeline lines, and the equipment system will have a decline in production, energy consumption, and material consumption. If the corrosion is serious, the process will be interrupted, and the system will be forced to stop production, resulting in economic losses. There may also be a malignant production accident. The purpose of cleaning is mainly as follows:

1. Resume production

In the process of industrial production, sometimes the equipment or local pipeline lines are fouled and blocked due to improper operation, which affects the normal operation of production. For this situation, the main thing is to clean up the dirt and let the production equipment operate normally and return to normal production.

2. Recovery device production efficiency

The fouling will cause the heat transfer coefficient of the heat exchanger such as the air heat exchanger to decrease, the flow area of the pipe to decrease or the flow resistance to increase, the consumption of energy and materials to increase, and the production efficiency to decrease. At this time, the production efficiency of the production equipment is restored by cleaning and descaling.

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