ECI Motor

DescriptionProfessionally designed and manufactured smart motors that meet ErP2020IIE5+ energy efficiency indicators, and provides a source of high-efficiency power for the pump and fan industries.

Applicationfans and pumps

Product Introduction

ECI Motor Series

1. PM Motor+ Drive

2. IEC Standard Frame

3. Compact Size and easy to Control

4. High Efficiency

5. Better for fan and pump application

Technique Feature

E-MAX motor is the special designed permanent magnet synchronous motor based on the IEC norm. E-MAX PMSM will be used for next generation which need more energy saving product. Exceed IE4 variable speed AC motor (IEC60034-30-2-2016).

E-MAX motor is the first generation of DBS EC motor. E-MAX has led to develop the next generation of technology in motor efficiency and performance.

E-MAX motor contain two series:

E-Max commercial: IEC Frame 71 to 90 permanent magnet synchronous motor integrated drive

E-Max Industrial: IEC Frame 71 to 132 permanent magnet synchronous motor


1.Experienced on the fan, pump, compressor and motion application with permanent magnet motor design

2.Motor model building and simulation, performance calculation, noise optimization

3.Motor material database: silicon steel, magnet, copper, aluminum

4.High precision test equipment and instrument

Manufacturing and quality control

1.Automatic winding machine to get better consistency

2.Electrical test equipment

3.Magnetic flux checking

Technical parameters

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